This book is an invitation to begin a new journey in your life. Regardless of outer circumstances, every single human being has something beautiful hidden inside them. The sole purpose of the Gene Keys is to bring that beauty forth – to ignite the eternal spark of genius that sets you apart from everyone else. Whatever your dreams may be, the Gene Keys invite you into a world where anything is possible. 

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These are some of the many testimonials we have received about the Gene Keys book. Submit your own testimonial here.

The most transformational work I have ever come across. It is the bridge guiding us through the Great Change by catapulting our Consciousness into our Highest Potential of Pure Expressions of the Divine, fully embodied, right here, right now. Richard Rudd, what a Divine Gift you are!- Theresa
A mind blowing experience of accuracy- Sandra
I have been involved with the Gene Keys for many years and it has literally transformed my life. I have learned not to fear intimacy and transparency. I have discovered my strength surfacing when I dare to be vulnerable. I have found my gifts rising up from the deepest of shadows, and I have even been inspired to write a book. There is no way I can convey the beauty of this transmission in words. Gene Keys have become a significant part of my daily life, because everything I need to know is there.- Nina
The level of satisfaction received from the Gene Keys is beyond words. It has been truly a liberating experiencing not only for me but for my clients as well. This book has added much depth, meaning, and value to my studies of psychotherapy and human design. It is re-programing, and creating new experiences in the world. I can go on and on but this is truly a “to each his own” journey.- Coach YaSheeka
I just received my book few days ago. Every word is like a pearl of wisdom. I am totally amazed because this is exactly the kind of book I needed at this time in my life. I can’t think of another book that got me this excited and made me write a review. No words can describe how good this book is, you just have to read it yourself to find out.- Robina
On reading the Gene Keys I am having emotions flood my physical body, emotions that are not like anything I have ever experienced before.- Samuel
This Book is the distillation of centuries and eons of Eastern and Western mystical, practical, scientific and sacred teachings and transmissions.- Victoria
The Gene Keys resonates with “original medicine” for humanity. It speaks without words, even though it is born of wonderful words for transformation.- Hualani
Words are quite inadequate to describe my experience of the book. I feel I have been gifted with language to express what I’ve been experiencing in my own body, and what I’ve been dreaming of for our world.- Katherine
I’m awestruck with the Gene Keys book. There’s so much there, and it’s beautifully written. I’m taking it in small doses, maybe a few pages at a time. And I’ve found that reading it aloud really brings it alive for me.- Stephan
I consider this book one of the most important in our human evolutionary process. It is a bible of freedom. Your words are little pieces of magic.- Karen
Gene Keys is the most amazing thing I’ve ever read. It is a synthesis of so much I have studied and deeply reflects the psycho-spiritual process I’ve worked with in myself and others for decades. It is a must have for understanding a Human Design Analysis and a radical move toward self-acceptance.- Tara
At first i apologige about my english. I have read and buy anything from Richard work from the year 2000 , so and Genekeys at first I I begin buy them one by one and now all the Book ! I have not words to speak about it, every day Itranslate some parts of it and with this way i ‘ m travelling to the past and future at once! and more!!! This touch my core and change me day by day! I ‘ m infinitely gracefull owing Richard’ writes cross through my fractal ! Thank you Richard! Keep walking to timelessness! I wish you from my heart more blessings to your magical Journey into human space and GENEKEYS!- Ekaterina
Wonderful Life Enhancing Pathway Manual. This Book on Gene Keys….take it step by step. Do not rush yourself to grasp it. Allow the guidance to filter in, for as much as you can at the moment digest. You will likely want to obtain your Golden Path, which can be obtained @ or (cannot recall which exact site) I bought both the kindle version of Gene Keys (for myself) & the paperback (as a gift to a 80 year young seeker) Thank you Richard Rudd for this information.- Blackstone
This is by far the most important book I’ve ever read! Contemplating each gene key has made a huge difference in how I live my life. The concept of embracing my shadow/negative feelings and breathing through them until they change on their own has been the most practical and valuable thing I have ever learned.- Suzzana
I cannot say how valuable this book is to my life. I fancy Eckhart Tolle and such authors for big overview, but this book contains insights from expanded consciousness that is practical to our lives and shedding light on our shadows, etc. The BEST I have come across. Most highly recommended.- D.
Back in 2000 I read the first accounts of the Human Genome project. When I came to the part where scientists called some DNA “junk DNA” because it had no biological reference, I had an immediate thought run through my head, “That’s not JUNK! That’s our spiritual coding!!” Have no clue where that thought came from, but I knew it was truth like I knew the words I was reading were on paper. I have looked for this book ever since that day. Gene Keys will seriously engage your spiritual coding. All you have to do is contemplate your pattern and your genes do the rest! This book will never leave me. My existence is changed forever. Thank you Richard Rudd for sharing the wisdom of the Universe in such an easy-to-understand way. I’m happy to report the lights are on and EVERYbody is home. Time to party! WoooHooo!- Jill
Having been a seeker for over 45 years, and inner work being central for that long as well, this book has given me more understanding and wisdom and refuge than anything else. About everything – the species, a historical understanding of our evolution, and through its use with our Bodygraph, based on our date and time of birth, about my own psyche and soul. The Bodygraph can be obtained from Integral Human Design or the author’s website Its descriptions of our shadows – our unconscious parts, is the most sophisticated and beautiful I’ve seen. It explains with great truth and compassion, what an incredible portal they are to embodying our full potential. It is an extraordinary work at an extraordinary time, with so much hope for our evolution to create heaven on earth with love. I recommend it with all my heart and soul.- Pam
I thought I had reached the zenith of my spiritual growth at 64 years old — until I read Richard’s book. It’s not only the best spiritual book I have ever read, it may be the best book I have ever read — period. Life-changing in just reading and seriously contemplating what Richard says is all it takes. No long drawn out practices or techniques. Don’t let the price scare you. It’s worth FAR MORE than its price! I purchased the print edition AND the Kindle edition. In fact, I don’t know how a fair price could be determined for what this book is capable of accomplishing in your life. It will be your constant companion for life. I won’t say any more. Read the book. It speaks for itself. P.S. I highly recommend reading “The Biology of Belief” by Bruce Lipton BEFORE you read “Gene Keys.” In my opinion, Lipton’s book lays a powerful groundwork for “Gene Keys.”- Yogadonda
As a world myth teacher, I see Richard Rudd’s book as a solution to Joseph Campbell’s claim that we need a new, relevant mythology that matches our current life on the planet. Gene Keys is indeed a miracle that offers a way to use our shadows as a catalyst to leap into a reality in which world peace and universal love are logical outcomes of our collective progress.- Michelle Mary

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