What are the Gene Keys?
The Gene Keys are a universal inner language whose central purpose is to awaken you to your highest purpose in life. The Gene Keys are founded upon the premise that your higher purpose exists as a code embedded within your physical DNA. The role of the Gene Keys is to unlock and activate that code and release your full creative genius into the world.
Where do The Gene Keys come from?
The Gene Keys consist of 64 universal archetypes that underpin the very fabric of our universe. They form the holographic matrix of space-time itself. As such, the Gene Keys represent the transmission of a living wisdom that is hidden everywhere within the universe. Many other cultures and systems have discovered the same eightfold geometry of the 64 underlying all creation. In their current form, the Gene Keys were developed by their founder Richard Rudd.
How do The Gene Keys work?
As a universal language, the Gene Keys are imbibed directly into one’s life through a process of ongoing contemplation. As you contemplate the Gene Keys, physically, emotionally and mentally, they begin to raise the frequency of your DNA. This occurs through a dimensional shift in our attitude as we enter into a deeper acceptance of our true boundless nature.
How will The Gene Keys benefit me?
The Gene Keys allow you to enter an intense period of transformation in your life, the end result of which is a state of profound relaxation within your inner being. This new inner sense of ease has a beneficial and freeing effect on every aspect of your life, from your health to your relationships to your prosperity.
Why are The Gene Keys important at a time like this?
The Gene Keys are an accessible wisdom that is available to everyone. Because they do not depend upon an external set of teachings or teacher, they are simple, affordable and can be tailored to your own lifestyle. At this time of intense world change and uncertainty, the Gene Keys are a new world teaching designed to awaken humanity to its higher nature. Even more than this, their vision is to bring together a high frequency community of people around the globe and form a living collective network of creative genius.